The idea to make shoes came to me years ago as I was not able to find a shoemaker in Buenos Aires who was really able to make comfortable shoes. Having a background as a guitarmaker I figured out that making myself a pair of shoes would be easier than making a guitar. At that time there was no information at all available on internet on Italian there were no books to be found and so I ended up finding 3 books in Germany in a technical university library...they were dated 1901, 1918 and 1945!!!! Even though they were written a long time ago they are extremely detailed with a wealth of information which is absolutely unknown to nearly all shoemakers nowadays. So I made my own lasts and my own shoes and by the 3rd attempt I had my most comfortable tangoshoes in the world ;-)

A few years later in Buenos Aires I was renting a flat and across the street there was a small school for together with my girlfriend at the time we decided to take some classes on women's shoe design with the idea that I would then make some shoes for her...from there we started a very small production in Rome which we slowly gave up because I had really no time to dedicate to it...but we were very succsessful in making the most comfortable high heel shoes on the market. As a tango teacher around the world for many years I heard every day the complaints of all the girls about their hurting feet...and looking closely at all of the women's dance shoes on the market it was easy to understand that none were made to be comfortable. They have big mistakes in geometry and in workmanship...the inside of the shoes looks more like tools for torture than for pleasure. Of course to make the shoes as comfortable as they have to be it takes a little more time to make each pair of shoes...

Now together with Yana and Zhenia from La Tierra del Tango in Moscow we decided to venture again into the shoe project. it took us a long time to find the right shoemakers who were willing to work for us to our standards. To make our shoes they had to change somewhat the way they are used to make shoes. It took a lot of visits to their workshop to explain to them what and how they have to do and to check that they really understood and did what is important to us. And of course it takes them a little longer than usual to make a pair of shoes...but the end result is quality. Quality is what from the beginning we are not willing to compromise and we decided to use top quality materials from the start.

So now Filippo Avignonesi and La Tierra del Tango Moscow are glad to introduce you the rebirth of Coqueta tango shoes.

P.S.: Men's shoes are also coming soon in a few months!!!